dmexco 2015:
In focus

DMEXCO, the world’s largest conference for the digital industries, is all about sharing and debating how best to market and present brands in a rapidly changing environment.

A longtime partner of the event, UM was there under the IPG Mediabrands umbrella, meeting with clients and presenting the latest digital and technological trends to affect the media industry.

This is our round-up of what brands need to be watching and aware of in order to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Dynamic Marketing

A Word From Henry Tajer, Global CEO,
IPG Mediabrands

Business-focused and with a clear agenda, dmexco is all about the latest technology and trends in the digital marketing space. I spent 2 days at the event this year, talking to clients, partners, digital experts and tech entrepreneurs who will help us accelerate change across Mediabrands­ and I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds.

Our growth in the technology space will allow us to become the dynamic, agile organisation we aim to become – one that constantly introduces new capabilities to clients, ultimately helping them to connect faster with their consumers.

It will also mean that we need to adapt in terms of talent; bringing the type of people into our business who are able to facilitate this change in both focus and pace. Why? So that we can create and develop better solutions for our clients, get to market with them quicker than the competition and ultimately, yield better results.

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“We want to be more of a technology partner for clients and help them use mobility to get a better return”

Global President of our mobile division Ansible, Travis Johnson, tells us how mobile payments, wearable devices and the Internet of Things have particular relevance for mobile capabilities and considers how mobile can fill in existing gaps in the physical purchasing process.

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“Consumers always move faster than brands and retailers have to move in the right direction”

CEO of IPG Mediabrands for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Michael Dunke, explains how the best retail strategies bring together the traditional with the world of digital and how our dynamic and data-driven approach is fuelled by the integration of our specialist divisions.

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“Social media has become more mature, with more paid products. It’s now mass media and a lot of our clients have to change their strategy”

How can brands partner with IPG Mediabrands to use budget wisely and gain ROI in the social media arena? Roland Fiege, Head of Social Strategy, explains the rise of paid social and the success of our measurement tool Performly, as well as exploring how ads are now becoming content in themselves.

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“Cadreon is increasingly an adtech specialist and we’re looking at impacting the entire media plan, not just a segment.”

Cadreon Global President, Arun Kumar, shares his views on programmatic, the fragmentation of TV and how the strong content of the future is likely to be consumed on a number of different screens.

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